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I have some basic purchase considerations.

I work 5 days a week and can't get more than a couple of days off to have my new floor installed. Can we work around my scheduling problems?
I'd like to have an Amazing Garage surface applied in my company warehouse this week but the temperatures have been over 90 degrees. Will I have to wait until it cools down?
My family and pets spend a lot of time in the garage and laundry room areas where our floor will be installed. Will it be safe to breathe after the installation of the new floor surface, or will it smell bad?
We are considering installing a new garage floor using a finishing kit from our local hardware store. How do I know the results we'll get with Amazing Garage flooring are any better than applying our own floor surface?
Our new home has a patio with extreme damage, including deep cracks and buckling. Can you help me get it in order for an Amazing Garage application, or will we have to replace it first?
I plan to resurface my garage soon to use as a part-time game room and I'd like to do it in specific colors and possibly add a logo. Can I pick the colors I want and order them in the combination I choose?
Amazing Garage Floor

Exactly how durable is it?

The floor in my shop takes a beating from heavy equipment. I don't want to invest in a new surface if it will just be torn up in a few weeks. Can your surfaces handle an industrial beating?
My husband and I store several motorcycles in our garage and we have damage to our old floor where the tires have peeled off paint. Will I have to use protective mats with your product?
I rebuild boats in my garage and need a floor that can tolerate lots of spillage of the cleaners and oils I use. Will these chemicals soak into your finishes?
Do you offer non-slip surfaces?
I'm excited about having my new Amazing Garage coating installed next week, but with the heavy traffic it's going to get, I'm worried we're going to damage it. Will you do the repairs if we manage to do some kind of damage?
Epoxy Garage Floor

Is it easy to clean up?

We've just bought a floral shop with a floor that needs to be replaced right away. The new floor will have to be able to survive daily drips, drops, mud hosing, fertilizers etc. and still look sophisticated for our customers.
I'd like to recommend your product to a friend who has a restaurant. Would your floors be appropriate for a kitchen or freezer?
Epoxy Garage Flooring

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